IBRA Master Course

Fractures of the Upper Limb: From the Fingertip to the Shoulder

Since 2011, a team of trauma surgeons from the University hospital of Cologne has been specialized in creating realistic limb injuries of specimens in order to offer surgical training. Before starting the treatment, the participants have to analyze the injury with the help of X-ray and CT imaging. After the fracture classification, the surgeons discuss the approach and realize the surgical treatment. X-ray images help to analyze the result of the treatment of the individual case and it can be discussed by the entire group. Compared to established courses on artificial bones or intact specimens, this new concept is designed to challenge advanced surgeons as well.

Programm im Anhang


4. November 2020 bis 6. November 2020




EAC European Anatomy Campus Meducation GmbH
Am Stoot 5
45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr